tuplejump / embedded-kafka Edit

Embedded Kafka for testing and quick prototyping.

Version Matrix

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Embedded Kafka for demos, testing and quick prototyping. Much is taken right from the Apache Spark Streaming Kafka test files.


  • Quick and easy prototyping, testing
  • Safe demos - not reliant on network
  • Compatible with Apache Kafka:,
  • Compatible with Scala 2.10 and 2.11
  • Embedded Zookeeper which starts automatically when starting Kafka
  • Simple Kafka consumer


  • Improved and updated consumers
  • Validation
  • Additional and improved configuration
  • Documentation
  • And much more

Scala Version

This project uses Scala 2.11 by default. To build against Scala 2.10 vs 2.11 run

sbt -Dscala.version=2.10.6 
sbt -Dscala.version=2.10.6 test
sbt -Dscala.version=2.10.6 publish-local

Cross Build

Cross build both Scala versions by starting sbt then running these or other SBT tasks:

+ publish-local
+ test