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A visual tool to define and run real-time decision algorithms. Brings agility to business teams, liberates developers to focus on technology.

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Nussknacker lets you design, deploy and monitor streaming processes using easy to use GUI. We leverage power, performance and reliability of Apache Flink to make your processes fast and accurate. See to read more.


Demo is available at


Documentation is available at


Visit quickstart to have a look around.


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Scala compatibility

Currently we do support Scala 2.12, we will cross publish when Flink supports Scala >= 2.13.

Flink compatibility

We currently support only one Flink version (more or less latest one, please see flinkV in build.sbt). However, it should be possible to run Nussknacker with older Flink version.

While we don't provide out-of-the-box support as it would complicate the build process, there is separate repo with detailed instructions how to run Nussknacker with some of the older versions.

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Nussknacker is an open source project - contribution is welcome. Read how to do it in Contributing guide. There you can also find out how to build and run development version of Nussknacker.


Nussknacker is published under Apache License 2.0.