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TMT Common Software (CSW)

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Common Software is the package of services and infrastructure software that integrates the TMT software systems.

See here for a detailed description of the CSW software.

Version History

Date Tag Docs Source Download
2018-04-04 0.4.0-RC1 scala, java csw-0.4.0-RC1 Source: tar.gz, zip
2016-12-03 v0.3-PDR API csw-0.3 Source: tar.gz, zip, Scala API Docs: tar.gz, Java API Docs: tar.gz
2015-11-18 v0.2-PDR API csw-0.2 Source: tar.gz, zip, API Docs: tar.gz, zip

Example code can be found in the documentation and in the examples subproject.

You can find the Scala API documentation for CSW here.

The Java API docs are here.

Build Instructions

To build everything, including the documentation, run:

sbt publishLocal stage makeSite

See here for a description of the sbt tasks.