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100% vegan, Gluten-free functional programming toolbox



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Functional programming toolkit by Tinkoff scala team aimed at taming the complexity of Tagless Final approach.

Quick Start

To use the whole utils pack just add to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "ru.tinkoff" %% "tofu" % "0.3.0"

Of course you can also specify the exact subproject that you wanna add to yours dependencies (used in place of "tofu"):

  • tofu-core for core (Main core)
  • tofu-memo for memo (Caching utils)
  • tofu-env for env (Some variation of a Reader Monad)
  • tofu-parallel for parallel (Parallel utils)
  • tofu-concurrent for concurrent (Concurrent utils)
  • tofu-optics-core for optics core (Optics typeclasses)
  • tofu-optics-interop for optics interop with Monocle
  • tofu-optics-macro for macro optics generators
  • tofu-data for data utils
  • tofu-logging for the whole set of logging utils (derivation, layout, structured)
  • tofu-logging-derivation for logging derivation only
  • tofu-logging-structured for logging structured only
  • tofu-logging-layout for logging layout only
  • tofu-observable for observable
  • tofu-enums for enums (Enumeratum utils)

Here will be glorious readme soon with link to the gorgeous microsite