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Efficient and expressive XML data-binding library for Scala

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Phobos is an XML data-binding library based on stream parsing. It depends only on aalto-xml for parsing.

Scala 2.12 and 2.13 are supported.


Add phobos-core to your dependencies:

libraryDependencies += "ru.tinkoff" %% "phobos-core" % "0.13.1"

Then try this code out in sbt console or in a separate source file:

import ru.tinkoff.phobos.decoding._
import ru.tinkoff.phobos.encoding._
import ru.tinkoff.phobos.syntax._
import ru.tinkoff.phobos.derivation.semiauto._

case class TravelPoint(country: String, city: String)
object TravelPoint {
  implicit val travelPointElementEncoder: ElementEncoder[TravelPoint] = deriveElementEncoder
  implicit val travelPointElementDecoder: ElementDecoder[TravelPoint] = deriveElementDecoder

case class Price(@attr currency: String, @text value: Double)
object Price {
  implicit val priceElementEncoder: ElementEncoder[Price] = deriveElementEncoder
  implicit val priceElementDecoder: ElementDecoder[Price] = deriveElementDecoder

case class Journey(price: Price, departure: TravelPoint, arrival: TravelPoint)
object Journey {
  implicit val journeyXmlEncoder: XmlEncoder[Journey] = deriveXmlEncoder("journey")
  implicit val journeyXmlDecoder: XmlDecoder[Journey] = deriveXmlDecoder("journey")

val journey =
    price = Price("EUR", 1000.0),
    departure = TravelPoint("France", "Marcelle"),
    arrival = TravelPoint("Germany", "Munich")

val xml: String = XmlEncoder[Journey].encode(journey)

val decodedJourney = XmlDecoder[Journey].decode(xml)

assert(Right(journey) == decodedJourney)

Please see phobos wiki for explanation of the syntax and more details.


Performance details can be found out in phobos-benchmark repository.


There are several additional modules for some specific cases. These modules could be added with command below:

libraryDependencies += "ru.tinkoff" %% "phobos-<module>" % "0.13.1

Where <module> is module name.

Module name Functionality
akka-http Marshallers and unmarshallers for akka-http
akka-stream Streaming decoding support for akka-stream
cats Cats instances
derevo Separate derivation of encoders and decoders separately using derevo annotations (e.g. @derive(xmlEncoder("foo")))
enumeratum Support for enumeratum enums
fs2 Streaming decoding support (Stream[F, Array[Byte]] => G[A]). Latest fs2 version (fs2 3.x, cats effect 3.x)
fs2-ce2 Streaming decoding support (Stream[F, Array[Byte]] => G[A]). Same as fs2 module, but for fs2 version 2.x using cats effect 2.x
monix Streaming decoding support (Observable[Array[Byte]] => Task[A])
refined Support for refined

XSD and WSDL code-generation support

It will be soon implemented in deimos library.