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Plugin to support Kafka in Gatling


Getting Started

gatling-kafka-plugin is currently available for Scala 2.12

You may include plugin as dependency in project with your tests. Write

libraryDependencies += "ru.tinkoff" %% "gatling-kafka-plugin" % <version> % Test

Example Scenarios

Examples here

Download Avro schema

To download avro-schema and create java classes you should add dependencies in build.sbt

     lazy val gradle_logging: Seq[ModuleID] = Seq(
       "org.gradle" % "gradle-logging"
     ).map(_ % "4.3" % "runtime")
     lazy val gradle_base: Seq[ModuleID] = Seq(
       "org.gradle" % "gradle-base-services"
     ).map(_ % "4.3-rc-4" % "runtime")
     lazy val gradle_files: Seq[ModuleID] = Seq(
       "org.gradle" % "gradle-core",
       "org.gradle" % "gradle-messaging",
       "org.gradle" % "gradle-native"
     ).map(_ % "6.1.1" % "runtime")
     lazy val ant: Seq[ModuleID] = Seq(
       "org.apache.ant" % "ant"
     ).map(_ % "1.8.2")
     lazy val net_jcip: Seq[ModuleID] = Seq(
       "net.jcip" % "annotations"
     ).map(_ % "1.0")

To run you should create scala object in root project directory and type sbt run.

Example download avro-schema

Example here