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Toolbox for Apache PredictionIO

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Toolbox for Apache PredictionIO

predictionio-toolbox provides simple fashion to access event data stored via the event server.

For example, you can use this library on Apache Zeppelin to see event data.

First, load the library as follows:


Then you can get events using PIOToolbox as RDD and register them as tables which can be accessed from SparkSQL:

import com.github.takezoe.predictionio.toolbox._

// Create toolbox with PIO_HOME
val toolbox = PIOToolbox("/Users/naoki.takezoe/PredictionIO-0.12.1")
val eventsRDD = toolbox.find("MyApp1")(sc)

case class Rating(
  user: String,
  item: String,
  rating: Double

val ratingRDD = eventsRDD.map { event => 
  val ratingValue: Double = event.event match {
    case "rate" => event.properties.get[Double]("rating")
    case "buy" => 4.0 // map buy event to rating value of 4
    case _ => throw new Exception(s"Unexpected event ${event} is read.")
  // entityId and targetEntityId is String

val df = spark.createDataFrame(ratingRDD)

Now you can analyze event data using SQL:

select rating, count(*) from rating group by rating


In addition, you can also register event data using PIOToolbox. See the source code of PIOToolbox to know all out-of-the-box APIs.