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sparkml extend library implements calculation algorithm

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selica - Spark mllib Extend Library Implements Calculation Algorithm.

It's original library of Apache Spark MLlib, for my own use. and it's still developing.


selica implements following algorithm.

  • item-based collaborative filtering recommendation
  • Japanse tokenizer by kuromoji and IPADIC

Getting Started

Execute example

execute spark-shell with selica.

$ spark-shell --repositories https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/releases --packages com.github.takemikami:selica_2.11:0.0.1

execute sample.

// load sample data (movielens)
case class Rating(userId: String, movieId: String, rating: Double, timestamp: Long)
def parseRating(str: String): Rating = {
  val fields = str.split("::")
  assert(fields.size == 4)
  Rating(fields(0).toString, fields(1).toString, fields(2).toDouble, fields(3).toLong)
val ratings = spark.read.textFile("file:///usr/local/opt/apache-spark/libexec/data/mllib/als/sample_movielens_ratings.txt").map(parseRating).toDF()
val Array(training, test) = ratings.randomSplit(Array(0.9, 0.1), seed = 12345)

// fitting
val cf = new com.github.takemikami.selica.ml.recommendation.ItemBasedCollaborativeFiltering().setUserCol("userId").setItemCol("movieId").setRatingCol("rating")
val model = cf.fit(training)

// transform
val df = model.transform(test)

// dump item similarity

Build and execute

build selica.

$ git clone git@github.com:takemikami/selica.git
$ cd selica
$ sbt assembly

execute spark-shell with selica.

$ spark-shell --jars target/scala-2.11/selica-assembly-*-SNAPSHOT.jar

and then execute example.