swoogles / laminar_timepicker

Basic TimePicker that should easily fit into Laminar projects

Version Matrix

This is just one small contribution to the Laminar ecosystem. It is my first UI component, and it's very narrowly useful at the moment. I just love Laminar and want to make it easier for people to experiment with it!

To use:

libraryDependencies += "com.billdingsoftware" %%% "timepicker" % "0.2.3"

The simplest use-case is:

TimePicker("08:03 AM") match {
  case TimePicker(
    component: Div, 
    $time: Signal[WallTime]
  ) =>
      child.text <-- $time.map("time: " + _),

This will use AM/PM, 12 hour notation. If you prefer 24 hour notation, omit the AM/PM and that selector will not be shown.


If you want to change the default minute delta of 5 minutes, provide that value via:

TimePicker("15:00", minuteDelta = 15)

You can also drop in custom up/down button elements via:

    initialTime = "09:30",
    incrementRep = span("Inc"),
    decrementRep = span("Dec")