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Renga Knowledge Graph and related packages

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Renga Knowledge Graph and related packages


Project structure

This project is defined using sbt, and is a multi-project build.

├── build.sbt            // root build definition
├── core/                // definitions for graph elements, typing, etc.
├── init/                // graph initilization service
├── mutation/
│   ├── implementation/  // mutation-related code
│   └── service/         // graph mutation service
├── navigation/
│   └── service/         // graph navigation service
└── typesystem/
    ├── implementation/  // type system-related code
    └── service/         // graph type system service

To create all docker images:

$ sbt docker:publishLocal
[info] Successfully tagged renga-graph-init:<version>
[info] Built image renga-graph-init:<version>
[info] Successfully tagged renga-graph-typesystem-service:<version>
[info] Built image renga-graph-typesystem-service:<version>

Image name and tag can be manipulated with sbt settings, see sbt-native-packager.

To test/build a single project:

$ sbt
> project core
[info] Set current project to renga-graph-core (in build file:[...]/renga-graph/)
> compile
[success] Total time: 0 s, completed 12-Sep-2017 09:03:24