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Hubble is a Cassandra Shared Cluster Dashboard

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Hubble is a 'telescope' into a group of cassandra clusters to help make life easier and reducing the need to log on to the cluster thus improving security even further.

Hubble collects the following data from your cluster, and creates a Confluence tree with the results:

  • Top slowest queries per cluster, keyspace and table, retrieved from dse_perf.node_slow_log if available.
  • Adds a graphite graph at the top of your keyspace confluence page showing the keyspace usage.
  • A summary of opscenter cluster metadata (like nr of sstables)
  • It uses cassandra's session.getCluster().getMetadata to get most information


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Getting Started

This project uses scala config. You need to setup application.conf in your resource folder to be able to run the application. There is an application.conf.example file available in the resource folder that explains how to do this. application.conf.example is in typesafe HOCON format. Locations that this file should be inserted are:


By adding to hubble-core/src/main/resources, you can run the application locally. Use HubbleApp located in hubble-core as main.

Packaging and running the application

 mvn clean install 

This will create a package for you at target in Hubble-core component. The generated jar file, intentionally leaves out application.conf. In case of having different configuration for different environments, this feature becomes very handy. You can run the jar by providing application.conf from outside. example:

java -Dconfig.file='{some-location}/application.conf' -jar hubble-core-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar


If you don't have Confluence already installed or want to setup a local development environment then we recommend using docker and setup a Confluence container.

Please enable the following features in confluence otherwise the generated pages won't work: