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Scala Faker

Scala Fake Data Generator. This repository includes Scala implementation for Golang Faker.

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Get Started

Supported Scala versions

  • Scala 2.11
  • Scala 2.12

This library is available at Maven Central Repository. To use the latest stable version, append the following to your build.sbt and replace LATEST_VERSION with the latest version published, which should be Maven Central

libraryDependencies += "com.github.stevenchen3" %% "scala-faker" % "LATEST_VERSION"

Build Current master

Check scalastyle, run tests and generate coverage report across all supported Scala versions:

sbt +scalastyle +scalafixcheck +coverage +test +coverageReport

Publish Locally

Make sure export GPG_TTY=$(tty) (this fixes gpg: signing failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device error, checkout here to see why) is appended to ~/.bashrc or has been loaded to current shell.

source ~/.bashrc
sbt +publishLocalSigned


import io.alphash.faker._

val number = Phone().phoneNumber()
println(s"$number") // output some phone number like, "+1 (202) 737-6022"

val name = Person().name
println(s"$name")  // e.g., "Blanca Spencer"

val price = Price().amountWithCurrency
println(s"$price") // e.g., "CAD 42545.1"

val ip = Internet().ipv4
println(s"$ip")    // e.g., ""


Available Fakers

It currently supports the following fakers:

Datetime :

  • Datetime
  • Time

Geolocation :

  • Latitude and Longitude

Internet :

  • Email
  • Mac address
  • Domain name
  • URL
  • Username
  • IP Address (IPv4, IPv6 )
  • Password

Lorem :

  • Word
  • Sentence
  • Paragraph

Payment :

  • Credit Card Number

Person :

  • Title male
  • Title female
  • First name
  • First name male
  • First name female
  • Last name
  • Name with title
  • Name (first last)

Phone :

  • Phone number
  • Country code (US and Singapore)
  • Area code
  • Toll free phone number
  • E164PhoneNumber

Price :

  • Currency
  • Amount