stacycurl / pimpathon

Adds useful methods to scala & java classes.

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Pimpathon is a library that extends Scala & Java classes with 'extension methods' via the Pimp my Library pattern.

Pimpathon contains pimps for classes in core scala & java libraries and pimps for external libraries. To avoid name clash the pimps for core classes are called XPimps (ListPimps, etc.) and those for external libraries are called XFrills (ListFrills, etc.)

Using Pimpathon

Release artefacts are published to Bintray and are built using Travis CI. The artefacts can be published to Sonatype upon request (if someone can tell me how to fully automate that that would be great).

To include the repositories in your SBT build you should add:

resolvers += "jcenter" at ""
// or
resolvers += "Stacy Curl's repo" at ""

To include pimpathon as a dependency you should add:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.stacycurl" %% "pimpathon" % "1.8.16" intransitive()

'intransitive' means that even though pimpathon pimps a few third party libraries it won't force you to depend on them, you'll only get pimps for types in libraries you already depend on.

Builds are available for Scala 2.11.7 & 2.12.0