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/buːn/ (noun) a thing that is helpful or beneficial

boon is a small framework for testing pure code. boon is:

  1. Opinionated
  2. Focuses on testing pure code
  3. Has no external library dependencies
  4. Fast
  5. Strongly typed
  6. Easy to run in the REPL

boon is inspired by ScalaCheck - which is a simple but very powerful Property-Based Testing framework.

Some things that are unique to boon:

  1. Purity - test failures don't throw Exceptions
  2. First Class Assertions - Assertions can be named and combined
  3. Failure context - Failures can have write out a context of all useful information
  4. Two failure modes - Assertions can either fail on the first error or continue running the remaining Assertions

Usage in SBT

Add the following to your build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "net.ssanj" %% "boon" % "1.0.3" % Test

testFrameworks += new TestFramework("boon.sbt.BoonFramework")

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("ssanj", "maven")

You can now run all the usual sbt test commands such as: test and testOnly.

For more information see the following links: