sourcegraph / sbt-sourcegraph

sbt plugin to upload LSIF indexes to Sourcegraph for precise code intelligence

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This is a zero-dependency sbt plugin to help you enable precise code intelligence for Scala projects on Sourcegraph.

  • works with Scala 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, and Scala 3
  • works with hybrid Scala/Java codebases
  • works with self-hosted Sourcegraph instances
  • requires sbt v1.4 or newer


Getting started

First, make sure you are using sbt v1.4 or newer. This plugin does not work with older versions of sbt.

Next, add the sbt plugin to your build in project/plugins.sbt.

  // project/plugins.sbt
+ addSbtPlugin("com.sourcegraph" % "sbt-sourcegraph" % "0.2.1")

Next, enable SemanticDB in build.sbt and use the latest version of SemanticDB.

  // build.sbt
+ ThisBuild / semanticdbEnabled := true
+ ThisBuild / semanticdbVersion := "4.4.7"
  lazy val myproject1 = project
  lazy val myproject2 = project

Next, add a GitHub Actions workflow to your repository to configure your CI to upload indexes on pull requests and merge into your main branch.

mkdir -p .github/workflows && \
  curl -L > .github/workflows/sourcegraph.yml

Optionally, adjust sourcegraph.yml to your needs. For example, you may want to disable the upload job for pull requests and use Java 11.

  // .github/workslows/sourcegraph.yml
        - main
-     pull_request:
        - uses: olafurpg/setup-scala@v10
+         with:
+           java-version: adopt@1.11
        - uses: actions/setup-go@v2
            go-version: "1.15.6"

Commit the new file and push it to GitHub to trigger the upload job. Once the upload job completes, you should be able to observe precise code intelligence on GitHub.

Other ways to enable SemanticDB

If you don't want to enable SemanticDB in build.sbt, you can do it a single sbt session inside the upload CI job.

$ sbt \
    'set every semanticdbEnabled := true' \
    'set every semanticdbVersion := "LATEST_VERSION"' \

If you have projects that don't work with SemanticDB, you can optionally enable SemanticDB on a per-project basis instead of via ThisBuild.

  // build.sbt
- ThisBuild / semanticdbEnabled := true
  ThisBuild / semanticdbVersion := "LATEST_VERSION"
  lazy val myproject1 = project
+     semanticdbEnabled := true
  lazy val myproject2 = project

Other CI systems

This plugin can be used with any CI system. If you don't use GitHub Actions, you can adjust the installation steps from sourcegraph.yml to work with your own CI system.

First, install the src command-line tool ( to $PATH.

Next, create a GitHub access token following the instructions here.

Finally, run sbt sourcegraphUpload with the GitHub access token available via GITHUB_TOKEN.

sbt sourcegraphUpload


Environment variables:

  • (required) GITHUB_TOKEN: GitHub access token that's used to upload the LSIF index.
  • (optional) GITHUB_SHA: the git commit sha that the LSIF index should be associated with on Sourcegraph.


  • sourcegraphLsif: compiles all projects in the build and generates an LSIF index from the compiled SemanticDB files.
  • sourcegraphUpload: uploads the LSIF index from sourcegraphLsif to Sourcegraph.

Optional settings:

  • sourcegraphEndpoint: String: URL of the Sourcegraph instance.
  • sourcegraphCoursierBinary: String: name of the coursier command-line interface. By default, sbt-sourcegraph launches coursier from a binary that's embedded in the resources.
  • sourcegraphSrcBinary: String: path to the src binary. The src binary needs to be installed separately.
  • sourcegraphExtraUploadArguments: List[String]: additional arguments to use for the src lsif upload command. Run src lsif upload --help for example flags you may want to configure.
  • sourcegraphRoot: String: root directory of this sbt build.

Removed settings:

  • (no longer used) sourcegraphLsifSemanticdbBinary: String: path to the lsif-semanticdb binary.

Disable plugin for specific project

Use .disablePlugins(SourcegraphPlugin)) to disable this plugin for a specific project.

  // build.sbt

  lazy val myProject1 = project
  lazy val myProject2 = project
+   .disablePlugins(SourcegraphPlugin)

Known limitations

Precise code intelligence for Scala is still under development. Below are some known issues:

  • Goto definition does not work for symbols from library dependencies. Navigation only works for symbols that are defined inside the repository.
  • Hover tooltips don't show docstrings.
  • Find references returns buggy results in some cases.
  • crossScalaVersions is not supported. It's only possible to upload indexes for a single Scala version.


NoSuchMethodError: sbt.Def$.ifS()

The error below happens when you use this plugin with sbt v1.3 or older versions.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: sbt.Def$.ifS(Lsbt/internal/util/Init$Initialize;Lsbt/internal/util/Init$Initialize;Lsbt/internal/util/Init$Initialize;)Lsbt/internal/util/Init$Initialize;

To fix this problem, upgrade to sbt v1.4.6 or newer.

  # project/
- sbt.version=1.3.10
+ sbt.version=1.4.6