softwaretechnik-berlin / geojson-renderer

Command line tool that renders geojson to SVG and PNG


How to intellij

mill mill.scalalib.GenIdea/idea

How to run

mill --dimensions 200x100 --png polygon.geojson


  • Make tile source configurable for command line util in a way that is convenient and not violating terms of service of the tile providers.

  • Create j distribution.

  • Fix SVG to PNG rendering to have proper high-res bitmaps.

  • Provide our own PNG rendering that uses batik only to render the geojson graphics and do the overlay at the bitmap level

    • Provide caching for bitmap data
  • Add an option(s) to write svg embedded into html

  • Add option to add scripting to svg/ html which adds inspection of properties etc.

  • Add meaningful classes and IDs to SVG

  • Support "geojson" files with multiple feature collections.

  • Add different dimension strategies.

    Currently we determine a bounding box that contains the whole geojson
    and maintains the aspect ration of the given dimensions.
    Other strategies could be:
    * Use the given dimensions as the maximum and cut the box to the boundary
      of the geojson content.
    * Specify a width or a height in pixels.