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A sane set of default build settings

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A sane set of common build settings.


For each project where you'd like to use the build settings, add some or all of the following your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.softwaremill.sbt-softwaremill" % "sbt-softwaremill-common" % "2.0.3")
addSbtPlugin("com.softwaremill.sbt-softwaremill" % "sbt-softwaremill-publish" % "2.0.3")
addSbtPlugin("com.softwaremill.sbt-softwaremill" % "sbt-softwaremill-extra" % "2.0.3")
addSbtPlugin("com.softwaremill.sbt-softwaremill" % "sbt-softwaremill-browser-test-js" % "2.0.3")

Now you can add the appropriate settings in your build.sbt, e.g.:

lazy val commonSettings = commonSmlBuildSettings ++ Seq(
  // your settings, which can override some of commonSmlBuildSettings

Each dependency provides a choice of settings:

// common - compiler flags

// publish

// extra - use all or choose
lazy val extraSmlBuildSettings =
  dependencyUpdatesSettings ++  // check dependency updates on startup (max once per 12h)

// downloads the appropriate chrome/gecko driver for testing scala.js using scalajs-env-selenium and sets the jsenv

sbt-softwaremill-common comes with:

sbt-softwaremill-publish comes with:

sbt-softwaremill-extra comes with:

Releasing your library

sbt-softwaremill-publish exposes a default configuration suitable for releasing open source libraries. The release process is broken into two steps:

  1. local: sbt release. This sbt command prepares the next release: asks about the version, updates the version in the docs & readme, commits the changes and finally asks the user to push the changes. Your, docs and doc directory will be parsed for "[organization]" %(%) "artifactId" % "someVersion" and that version value will be bumped.
  2. remote: sbt ci-release. This sbt command should be run on GH actions, triggered when a new tag is pushed. It publishes the artifacts to sonatype, and invokes repository release.

To setup the remote part, follow the guide on sbt-ci-release. You can also take a look at this project's .github/workflows/ci.yml.

You might need to explicitly set the sonatype profile name:

val commonSettings = ossPublishSettings ++ Seq(
  sonatypeProfileName := "com.example"

Releasing sbt-softwaremill

sbt-softwaremill release process is setup on GH Actions. This plugin uses itself to publish binaries to oss-sonatype.