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Snowflake Data Source for Apache Spark.

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Snowflake Data Source for Apache Spark.

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The main version of spark-snowflake works with Spark 2.4. For use with Spark 2.3 and 2.2, please use tag vx.x.x-spark_2.3 and vx.x.x-spark_2.2.

To use it, provide the dependency for Spark in the form of net.snowflake:spark-snowflake_$SCALA_VERSION:$RELEASE, e.g. net.snowflake:spark-snowflake_2.11:2.2.2. See Maven Central for more info.

For a version working with Spark 1.5 and 1.6, please use branch-1.x. Artifacts of that version are also available in the Snowflake UI.

For a user manual and more information, see the official documentation.

For developer notes, see README-DEV


This project was originally forked from the spark-redshift project. We also occasionally port relevant patches from it. We would like to acknowledge and thank the developers of that project, in particular Josh Rosen.