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libraryDependencies += "com.slamdata" %% "quasar-datasource-azure" % <version>


Configuration for the Azure datasource has the following JSON format

  "container": String,
  "storageUrl": String,
  "resourceType": "json" | "ldjson",
  ["credentials": Object,]
  ["maxQueueSize": Number]
  • container the name of the Azure blobstore container to use.
  • storageUrl the Azure storage URL to use. Typically this will be an URL of the form https://<accountName>
  • resourceType the format of the resources that are assumed to be in the container. Currently array-wrapped ("json") and line-delimited ("ldjson") are supported.
  • credentials (optional, default = empty) Azure credentials to use for access. Object has the following format: { "accountName": String, "accountKey": String }.
  • maxQueueSize (optional, default = 10) maximum amount of ByteBuffers that can be kept in a queue when downloading a resource. When the queue is full, downloading will halt. Downloading will continue again when a ByteBuffer is dequeued. Usually this value does not need to be overridden, but it can be increased in case downloading halts too often, or decreased to reduce memory use.