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Sbt plugin for avro4s

Version Matrix


This project is now deprecated in favour of sbt-avrohugger. Continue to use avro4s in conjection with avrohugger. No further bug fixes or features will be added to this library.

Sbt plugin to use avro4s to generate case classes from avro schemas


  • Add the plugin to your build, eg in project/plugins.sbt add this line:
 addSbtPlugin("com.sksamuel.avro4s" % "sbt-avro4s" % "1.0.2-SNAPSHOT")

Version Compatibility

sbt-avro4s avro4s
1.0.0 ≥1.6.1
0.91.0 1.2.2

Generate scala classes from Avro schema files

By default sbt-avro4s will look for *.avsc files in src/main/resources/avro/. So put your schema files there and run:

sbt avro2Class

or a depended task like:

sbt compile:managedSources

The case classes will get generated in target/scala-2.10/src_managed/main/avro/.

Also see src/sbt-test/avro2Class for examples.


Option Description
avroDirectoryName Recurrent directory name used for lookup and output
avroFileEnding File ending of avro files, used for lookup and output
resourceDirectory in avro2Class Input directory for the avro2Class task
sourceManaged in avro2Class Output directory for the avro2Class task


Task Description
avro2Class Generate case classes from avro files; is a source sourceGenerator



To run all the sbt plugin test:

sbt scripted

To run the B test of the test group A:

sbt scripted A/B

e.g. :

sbt scripted avro2Class/simple