skinny-framework / sbt-servlet-plugin

:wrench: an sbt plugin to build and run Servlet apps

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This is a sbt plugin which is based on xsbt-web-plugin 0.9.1. The reason why we forked the sbt plugin is that the version allowed us to reload Scalate templates without restarting a Servlet container every time a user changes them a bit.

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Getting started


Add this sbt plugin to your project/plugins.sbt.

addSbtPlugin("org.skinny-framework" % "sbt-servlet-plugin" % "3.0.10")


Add Jetty dependencies into "container" scope.

import skinny.servlet._, ServletPlugin._, ServletKeys._

lazy val jettyVersion = "9.4.26.v20200117"

lazy val root = (project in file("."))
    libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
      "org.eclipse.jetty" % "jetty-webapp"      % jettyVersion % "container",
      "org.eclipse.jetty" % "jetty-plus"        % jettyVersion % "container",
      "javax.servlet"     % "javax.servlet-api" % "3.1.0"      % "provided"


Run tests for this sbt plugin

sbt scripted

Publish new versions

sbt publishSigned sonatypeRelease


the BSD 3-Clause license