sideeffffect / zio-doobie   0.6.0


ZIO wrapper for Doobie

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12

ZIO Doobie

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ZIO wrapper for Doobie with Liquibase.

"com.github.sideeffffect" %% "zio-doobie-liquibase" % "<version>"

This library comes with ready-made case class for configuration ZIODoobieLiquibase.Config and a layer ZIODoobieLiquibase.layer that you can use when composing your application from ZLayers.

final case class Config(
  hikari: doobie.hikari.Config,
  liquibaseChangeLogFile: String,

ZIODoobieLiquibase.layer: RLayer[ZIODoobieLiquibase.Config, Transactor[Task]]