shiftleftsecurity / fuzzyc2cpg

A fuzzy parser for C/C++ that creates semantic code property graphs


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Note: for first-time users, we recommend building "joern" at instead. It contains both fuzzyc2cpg and a component for querying code property graphs, as well as a few helpful examples to get started.

A fuzzy parser for C/C++ that creates code property graphs according to the specification at . This is a fork of the (now unmaintainted) version of Joern at

Building the code

The build process has been verified on Linux and it should be possible to build on OS X and BSD systems as well. The build process requires the following prerequisites:

Additional build-time dependencies are automatically downloaded as part of the build process. To build fuzzyc2cpg issue the command sbt stage.


To run fuzzyc2cpg in order to produce a code property graph issue the command ./ <path/to/sourceCodeDirectory> --out <path/to/outputCpg>.