sebrichards / postmark-scala Edit

Scala binding for the Postmark API

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This library provides a scala interface to the Postmark API.

Inspiration has been taken from, so thanks to Jared for that.

Please note that support for Scala 2.9.x was dropped at version 1.1.1.


Add the dependency to SBT:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.sebrichards" %% "postmark-scala" % "1.3"

The PostmarkClient is simple enough to use:

import com.github.sebrichards.postmark.Attachment
import com.github.sebrichards.postmark.NameValueMap
import com.github.sebrichards.postmark.PostmarkClient
import com.github.sebrichards.postmark.PostmarkError
import com.github.sebrichards.postmark.PostmarkMessage
import com.github.sebrichards.postmark.PostmarkSuccess


import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64

val client = new PostmarkClient("POSTMARK_API_TEST")

val message = PostmarkMessage(

  // Required fields
  To = "Recipient <>",
  From = "Postmark Sender <>",
  Subject = "Test E-Mail",
  TextBody = Some("Hello world"),
  HtmlBody = Some("<p>Hello world</p>"),

  // Optional mail fields
  Cc = Some("Another Recipient <>"),
  Bcc = Some(""),
  ReplyTo = Some(""),

  // Optional attachments
  Attachments = List(
    Attachment("Text File.txt", "text/plain", Base64.encodeBase64String("Hello world".getBytes)),
    Attachment(new File("picture.jpg"))

  // Optional Postmark fields
  Tag = Some("My Tag"),
  Headers = List(
    NameValueMap("key", "value"),
    NameValueMap("key2", "value2")
  TrackOpens = true


val result: Either[PostmarkError, PostmarkSuccess] = client.send(message)


Alternatively, you can use the PostmarkAutoRetryClient to automatically retry when there's an error at Postmark's end. Note that the send method will block until either success or eventual failure.

All optional fields default to None/Nil.

Some additional points:

  • You need to add your own flavour of SLF4J implementation as a dependency.
  • If you're finished using the Postmark client, call the destroy method before dereferencing it.

Postmark Responses

The client expects the following HTTP codes from Postmark: 200, 401, 422 and 500.

  • For 200, the provided JSON is parsed into PostmarkSuccess.
  • For 401/422, the provided JSON is parsed into PostmarkError.
  • For 500, a PostmarkError is created using the response body.

Note that when using the PostmarkAutoRetryClient, responses with 401/422 are accepted as valid, thus the request will not be re-attempted. Only responses with 500 are deemed worthy of a retry. If this isn't suitable for you, you can easily extend PostmarkClient with your own approach.