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Icon set for Java2D/Scala, designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy. Mirror of



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Translation of the Raphael icon suite by Dmitry Baranovskiy into a Java2D-based Scala library. Icon source made available from under the MIT License. Library code (C)opyright 2013–2017 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. Released under the GNU LGPL v2.1+.




Use the following dependency:

"de.sciss" %% "raphael-icons" % v

The current version v is "1.0.4".

## building

Uses Scala 2.12, 2.11, 2.10 and sbt 0.13 for building. The actual icon class is synthesised into sub-project core, using the source generator provided in sub-project generate.

To see the source generation, run sbt generate/run. To compile the core project, use sbt raphael-icons/compile. To run a demo, use sbt raphael-icons/test:run. There are two demos. Demo shows a matrix of all icons. Mouse mouse hover to see the icon names (method names in IconDemo shows how to create a custom sized icon.


Please see the file

reminder to self

  • to publish, sbt raphael-icons/publish-signed.
  • to try out path generation, sbt generate/console and then path(<someString>).