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Application framework for Scala on the desktop

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Desktop is an application framework for Scala on the desktop, including support for Swing. It is (C)opyright 2013–2018 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. Desktop is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1+ and comes with absolutely no warranties. To contact the author, send an email to contact at


To link to this library:

"de.sciss" %% "desktop" % v

Furthermore, if you want to support a particular platform, also add some of the following:

"de.sciss" %% "desktop-mac" % v
"de.sciss" %% "desktop-linux" % v

The current version v is "0.9.2".


Desktop currently builds against Scala 2.12, 2.11, using sbt. To build sub project "desktop-mac", you need either OS X with Apple's EAWT extensions, or otherwise the dummy OrangeExtensions are used.

Some demos are available through sbt desktop/test:run. For Mac specific demos, sbt desktop-mac/test:run.


Please see the file