scf37 / config3

Configuration library for Scala

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This is small configuration library for Scala utilizing Typesafe Config.


  • use typesafe config as backend
  • ability to fail when provided config key is unknown/misspelled
  • ability to print help on available parameters
  • ability to define required and optional parameters
  • ability to load parameters from: cmd line arguments, env, java props, files (typesafe)
  • ability to print loaded parameters with origins on startup

Example output

Help on available parameters

This is myapp project

Name                  Value         Description
myapp.env                           environment to use. Try "dev" or "prod"
                                    if no env specified, things will go horribly wrong!
myapp.list            [1,2,3]       the list
myapp.listmap         [a=1,a=2,b=3] the listmap                     required map parameter
myapp.storage_root    "./files"     file storage root         true          enable development mode
myapp.web.password                  application password

Loaded parameters with origins

myapp.env            "dev"                    system properties: 1
myapp.list           [1,2,3]                  reference.conf @ file:/opt/app/conf/reference.conf: 30
myapp.listmap        [{"a":1},{"a":2},{"b":3}]reference.conf @ file:/opt/app/conf/reference.conf: 33      {"x":1,"y":2,"z":3}      system properties: 2
myapp.storage_root   "./files"                reference.conf @ file:/opt/app/conf/reference.conf: 10        true                     reference.conf @ file:/opt/app/conf/reference.conf: 20
myapp.web.password   ******                   system properties: 3


Update build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "me.scf37" %% "config3" % "1.0.6"

Define reference.conf

reference.conf contains known configuration keys along with defaults and descriptions.


#application description
#it will be shown on help screen
myapp {
  #application port with default value 8080
  port = 8080
  #environment name, required parameter, must be provided
  env = null

Write some code

import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
import me.scf37.config3.Config3

object Main {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    // load reference configuration
    // ConfigFactory.defaultReference() includes system properties and therefore unwanted
    val reference = ConfigFactory.parseResources("reference.conf")

    // there can be many reference.conf classpath-wise so we process keys for our application only
    def isAppConfigKey(key: String) = key.startsWith("myapp.")

    // print help if --help requested
    if (args.sameElements(Seq("--help"))) {
      println(, isAppConfigKey))

    // parse command line args -<arg name> <arg value>
    val cmdlineConfig = Config3.parse(args) match {
      case Left(error) =>
      case Right(config) => config

    // load config, falling back to system properties, environment, myapp.conf and reference config
    val config =

    // ensure all required parameters are set and we have no unknown/misspelled keys starting with myapp.
    val errors = Config3.validate(reference, config, isAppConfigKey)
    if (errors.nonEmpty) {

    // print resolved configuration
    println(Config3.printConfig(reference, config, isAppConfigKey, _.contains("password")))

Also see me.scf37.config3.Config3Main