scala / scala-collection-contrib

community-contributed additions to the Scala 2.13 collections



This module provides various additions to the Scala 2.13 standard collections.


If you're using sbt, you can add the dependency as follows:

libraryDependencies += "org.scala-lang.modules" %% "scala-collection-contrib" % "0.2.1"

Here is the full Scaladoc.

New collection types

These collections are in the scala.collection package.

New operations

The new operations are provided via an implicit enrichment. You need to add the following import to make them available:

import scala.collection.decorators._

The following operations are provided:

  • BitSet: <<, >>, ...
  • Iterable: foldSomeLeft, lazyFoldLeft, lazyFoldRight, splitBy, ...
  • Iterator: intersperse, foldSomeLeft, lazyFoldLeft, lazyFoldRight, splitBy, ...
  • Map: fullOuterJoin, leftOuterJoin, mergeByKey, mergeByKeyWith, rightOuterJoin, zipByKey, zipByKeyWith, ...
  • Seq: intersperse, replaced, splitBy, ...

Maintenance status

This module is community-maintained. If you are interested in participating, please jump right in on issues and pull requests.


As with other Scala standard modules, build and release infrastructure is provided by the sbt-scala-module sbt plugin.