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JaCoCo Code Coverage plug-in for sbt.

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sbt-jacoco - Code Coverage via JaCoCo in sbt

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This is an sbt plugin for code coverage analysis via JaCoCo. Supports uploading results to Coveralls and Codecov.

Install the plugin by adding the following to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.sbt" % "sbt-jacoco" % "<version>")

And then execute the plugin with sbt jacoco. This will instrument and run the unit tests and output the coverage metrics:

[info] ------- Jacoco Coverage Report --------
[info] Lines: 66.67% (>= required 0.0%) covered, 2 of 6 missed, OK
[info] Instructions: 83.54% (>= required 0.0%) covered, 13 of 79 missed, OK
[info] Branches: 0% (>= required 0.0%) covered, 0 of 0 missed, OK
[info] Methods: 57.14% (>= required 0.0%) covered, 3 of 7 missed, OK
[info] Complexity: 57.14% (>= required 0.0%) covered, 3 of 7 missed, OK
[info] Class: 50% (>= required 0.0%) covered, 2 of 4 missed, OK
[info] Check /home/example/jacoco-test/target/scala-2.11/jacoco/report for detailed report

A detailed HTML report will also be generated in the directory shown that includes line level details of coverage.

See the docs for details on configuration options.