sbt / sbt-duplicates-finder

Find classes and resources conflicts in your build



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The sbt-duplicates-finder plugin offers utilities to help you find classes or resources that could create conflicts in your classpath.

Adding to your project

Add the following line to your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.sbt" % "sbt-duplicates-finder" % "1.0.0")

Since sbt-duplicates-finder is an AutoPlugin, it will be automatically available to your projects.

1.0.0 changes

With the 1.0.0 release, organizations are package hierarchy changed:

  • Organization moved from org.scala-sbt to com.github.sbt
  • Package moved from com.typesafe.sbt.duplicates to com.github.sbt.duplicates


> checkDuplicates

List all resources and classes conflicts found (searching in the project's dependencies and own classes).

> checkDuplicatesTest

Same as checkDuplicates, but fails the build if duplicates classes or resources are found.



This setting, defaulting to false, controls whether classes/resources with the same name but also the same content are reported.


This setting, defaulting to Seq(^META-INF/.*), allows to exclude filenames matching one of these patterns from the duplicates report.


This setting defaulting to false, allows to include the boot classpath in the search for duplicates. This allows to detect classes that conflict with JDK classes.


This software is under the Apache 2.0 License.