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sbt version of sbt jib:

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12 2.11
sbt plugins: 1.0


This project tries to make a sbt plugin for the awesome jib project from google.


Add the following lines in project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("de.gccc.sbt" % "sbt-jib" % "<sbt-jib-version>")
libraryDependencies += "" % "jib-core" % "<jib-core-version>"

You can find the latest jib-core version in their release list.

sbt-jib jib-core
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name type description
jibTarget Option[File] jib work directory
jibBaseImage String jib base image
jibBaseImageCredentialHelper Option[String]] jib base image credential helper cli name (e.g. ecr-login)
jibJvmFlags List[String]] jib default jvm flags
jibArgs List[String]] jib default args
jibEntrypoint Option[List[String]] jib entrypoint
jibImageFormat JibImageFormat jib default image format
jibTargetImageCredentialHelper Option[String] jib target image credential helper cli name
jibRegistry String jib target image registry (defaults to docker hub)
jibOrganization String jib docker organization (defaults to organization)
jibName String jib image name (defaults to project name)
jibVersion String jib version (defaults to version)
jibEnvironment Map[String, String] jib docker env variables
jibPlatforms Set[Platform] jib platforms
jibLabels Map[String, String] jib docker labels
jibTcpPorts List[Int] jib docker exposed tcp ports
jibUdpPorts List[Int] jib docker exposed udp ports
jibTags List[String] jib image tags (in addition to jibVersion)
jibUser Option[String] jib user and group to run the container as
jibMappings Seq[(File, String)] jib additional resource mappings,
formatted as <source file resource> -> <full path on container>
jibExtraMappings Seq[(File, String)] jib extra file mappings / i.e. java agents
(see above for formatting)
jibJavaAddToClasspath List[File] Adds other files to the class path when using jibJava*. Serves as replacement for jibMappings and jibExtraMappings which don't work there.
jibUseCurrentTimestamp Boolean jib use current timestamp for image creation time. Default to Epoch
jibCustomRepositoryPath Option[String] jib custom repository path freeform path structure.
The default repo structure is organization/name


name description
jibDockerBuild jib build docker image
jibImageBuild jib build image (does not need docker)
jibTarImageBuild jib build tar image
jibJavaDockerBuild jib build docker image, uses JavaContainerBuilder from jib-core
jibJavaImageBuild jib build image (does not need docker), uses JavaContainerBuilder from jib-core
jibJavaTarImageBuild jib build tar image, uses JavaContainerBuilder from jib-core


There are a couple of ways to supply credentials to the image pull and push operations done by jib. The following sources are tested in order:

  1. Environment variables: JIB_BASE_IMAGE_USERNAME + JIB_BASE_IMAGE_PASSWORD for pulling the base image, JIB_TARGET_IMAGE_USERNAME + JIB_TARGET_IMAGE_PASSWORD for pushing the target image
  2. SBT credentials: The plugin looks for a credentials entry that matches the host of the image registry
  3. The $HOME/.docker/config.json for credentials and credential helpers
  4. A set of well known credential helpers
  5. The credential helpers supplied by jibBaseImageCredentialHelper or jibTargetImageCredentialHelper

snippets and examples

injecting java agents

This snippet shows how to inject a Java Agent (Kanela) into a container via jibExtraMappings.


//...project stuff...
javaAgents += "io.kamon" % "kanela-agent" % "1.0.5" % "dist;runtime;compile"
//...project stuff...
jibBaseImage := "openjdk:11-jre"
jibName := "my-service"
jibRegistry := "some-ecr-repository"
jibUseCurrentTimestamp := true
jibCustomRepositoryPath := Some(jibName.value)
jibJvmFlags := List("-javaagent:/root/lib/kanela-agent.jar")
jibExtraMappings := {
    //javaAgents, Modules and ResolvedAgent come from the sbt-javaagent plugin
    val resolved = { agent =>
        update.value.matching(Modules.exactFilter(agent.module)).headOption map {
            jar => ResolvedAgent(agent, jar)
    for {
        resolvedAgent <- resolved.flatten
    } yield {
        resolvedAgent.artifact -> s"/root/lib/${}.jar"
jibTargetImageCredentialHelper := Some("ecr-login") 
jibBaseImageCredentialHelper := Some("ecr-login")