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Query deeply nested and huge directories from Spark efficiently

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Spark is commonly used with remote file systems that are relatively slow, specially for operations related to walking the file structure.

This package provides methods that allow one to retrieve the file structure fast and efficiently, taking advantage of Spark parallelization infrastructure.


import com.github.salva.spark.hugefs._

val df = Walker.walk("/dbfs/mnt/fs1", Good.isFile.glob("**/images/*.jpg"), spark)
println("%s JPEG images found in directory", df.count)


This package uses three main abstractions:

  • Walkers: The classes that can walk the file system and retrieve its structure using different strategies.

Currently, two walker classes are available:

  • Walker: walks the file system using the Spark engine, distributing the process over all the available nodes.

  • LocalWalker: walks the file system using only the local thread.

  • Restrictions: A family of classes that allow one to prune the search space limiting the file system walk to those directories or files that comply with the declared restrictions.

For instance, it is possible to pick files by its type (regular file, directory, symbolic link), extension, filename, globing patterns, etc.

  • File systems: The classes that implement the low level access to the filesystem. Currently, backends are available for the Databricks file system (DBFS), and the Java native one.

Probably only users interested in adding support for additional file systems should be concerned with these classes. Needless to say that contributions in this area are very welcome!

Latest version

The latest version of spark-hugefs is 0.14, soon to be available from Maven Central.

libraryDependencies += "com.github.salva.spark-hugefs" %% "spark-hugefs" % "0.14"


Copyright 2020 Salvador FandiƱo (

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