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  • full Scala support, statically typed templates etc.
  • automatic relative paths, just type MyPage.ref!!!
  • incremental rendering by default
  • typesafe grids (Bootstrap3, PureCSS, Bulma), never worry to miss a col-*
  • Markdown support (Commonmark)
  • code highlighting (Prismjs)
  • math support (KaTeX, Mathjax)
  • form helpers
  • file watching with sbt
  • PDF rendering


  • dynamic pages, e.g. replace Play's Twirl templates :)
  • ScalaJS
  • integrate more CSS and JS libraries/frameworks



  • half1, half2 are now half. Same for third1 etc.
  • introduced Bundle trait, a collection of same-framework components
  • added Bulma support, thanks to @P3trur0


  • refactored page* and site* flat properties to more structured PageSettings and SiteSettings (now use with* on those objects, autocomplete for free and more readable)
  • refactored dependencies structure, added components
  • added implicits for common imports


  • added PureCSS support (#16)
  • added form support

0.1.1 (first release)

  • basic Bootstrap3 support: dependencies, grid, navbar
  • Markdown support via Commonmark
  • Prismjs support
  • Katex and Mathjax support
  • PDF render support