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This is the implementation of async/await transformation for Scala 3 (Dotty), based on an optimized version of cps (continuation passing style) transformation, where continuation is ‘pushed’ to the monad.


  • Full support of all Scala language constructs in async/await block.
  • Pluggable monad interface:
    • An await monad can be any trait for which it is possible to implement CpsAsyncMonad type class. You can provide those methods for your favorite monad.
  • Limited support of high-order functions:
    • _ ) is an idiomatic way to fetch data for all items in parallel.
    • An application developer or library author can provide 'shifted' implementation of the own high-order functions.
  • Optional features, which enhance ergonomics in some cases, such as automatic coloring and handling discarded values
  • Optional SIP-22 compatible API.

For more details, please, read the documentation at