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Integration between jawn and fs2

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Asynchronously parse fs2 streams to JSON values with jawn.


sbt test:run to see it in action:

import jawnfs2._

object Example extends App {
  // Pick your favorite supported AST (e.g., json4s, argonaut, etc.)
  implicit val facade = jawn.ast.JawnFacade
  // From JSON on disk
  val jsonStream = io.file.readAll[Task](Paths.get("testdata/random.json"), 64)
  // Introduce up to a second of lag between chunks
  val laggedStream = jsonStream.chunks.zipWith(time.awakeEvery[Task](nextInt(1000).millis))((chunk, _) => chunk)
  // Print each element of the JSON array as we read it
  val json ="\n").through(text.utf8Encode)
  // run converts the stream into a Task, unsafeRun executes the task for its effects

Add jawn-fs2 to your project

Add to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "org.http4s" %% "jawn-fs2" % "0.12.2"

// Pick your AST:
libraryDependencies += "org.spire-math" %% "jawn-ast" % "0.12.2"

Compatibility matrix

Stream Library You need... Status
fs2-0.10.x "org.http4s" %% "jawn-fs2" % "0.12.2" stable
fs2-0.9.x "org.http4s" %% "jawn-fs2" % "0.10.1" EOL
scalaz-stream-0.8a "org.http4s" %% "jawn-streamz" % "0.10.1a" EOL
scalaz-stream-0.8.x "org.http4s" %% "jawn-streamz" % "0.10.1" EOL

The legacy scalaz-stream artifacts are on the jawn-streamz branch.