###Project for Scalatest agent

This Project is a Report Portal Agent for scalatest projects.

####To use the agent:

  • add this library to your project as dependency

    • SBT
     resolvers ++= Seq(
       "EPAM bintray" at ""
     libraryDependencies += "com.epam.reportportal" %% "agent-scala-scalatest" % "2.6.0" % "test"
    • Maven
    • Gradle
       repositories {
           maven { url "" }
     testCompile group: 'com.epam.reportportal', name: 'agent-scala-scalatest_2.11', version: '2.6.0'
  • add your file to test/resources

  • set reporter in your build tool:

    In your build.sbt

    testOptions in Test += Tests.Argument(TestFrameworks.ScalaTest, "-C", "com.epam.reportportal.scalatest.RPReporter")
    • gradle: in your test task:
    args = ['-C', 'com.epam.reportportal.scalatest.RPReporter']