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This project is a Scala extension for reactor-core.

Using reactor-core project as it is in scala code will look ugly because a lot of methods use Java 8 lambda which is not compatible with Scala lambda. This will force Scala code to use anonymous class which turns ugly.

So instead of

val mono = Mono.just(1)
               .map(new java.util.function.Function[Int, String] {
                   def apply(t: Int): String = t.toString

it becomes

val mono = SMono.just(1).map(_.toString)

This extension will also return scala's scala.collection.immutable.Stream instead of Java's and scala.concurrent.Future instead of java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture

Getting it

With SBT:

libraryDependencies += "io.projectreactor" %% "reactor-scala-extensions" % "0.7.0"

With Gradle:

repositories {
    //maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    //compile "io.projectreactor:reactor-scala-extensions_2.12:0.7.1-SNAPSHOT
    //compile "io.projectreactor:reactor-scala-extensions_2.13:0.7.0 //for scala 2.13
    compile "io.projectreactor:reactor-scala-extensions_2.12:0.7.0 //for scala 2.12
    //compile "io.projectreactor:reactor-scala-extensions_2.11:0.7.0 //for scala 2.11

With Maven:

<!-- To get latest SNAPSHOT version from Sonatype
        <name>OSS Sonatype Snapshots</name>

    <artifactId>reactor-scala-extensions_2.12</artifactId> <!-- for scala 2.12 -->
    <!--<artifactId>reactor-scala-extensions_2.11</artifactId> for scala 2.11 -->
    <!--<artifactId>reactor-scala-extensions_2.13</artifactId> for scala 2.13 -->


Contributions are welcome. Simply fork this project, make some modification, push and create a pull request.