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SBT Gherkin Converter

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SBT auto plugin to use Gherkin Converter to generate html from .feature files.

How to use

sbt-gherkin-converter is an auto plugin. This means you need SBT 0.13.5 or higher. If you are using an earlier 0.13.x build, you should be able to upgrade to 0.13.5 without any issues.

Add the plugin to your build with the following in project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("uk.co.randomcoding" % "sbt-gherkin-converter" % "0.2.1")

Then in your build sbt, set the location of the parent directory of your feature files relative to the project's root and the title you want for the main index page

featuresDir in (Compile, writeFeatures) := "src/main/resources/feature"

featuresTitle in (Compile, writeFeatures) := "Your Title"

If your feature files live in the test scope then use

featuresDir in (Test, writeFeatures) := "src/main/resources/feature"

featuresTitle in (Test, writeFeatures) := "Your Title"

That's it! You can now generate html versions of your .feature files with the writeFeatures task:

Multi Project Builds

If you have a build with multiple projects then you will typically want to disable the task for the root project

lazy val root = project.in(file(".")).
    writeFeatures := {}

The same is true for other projects that you don't want to execute the task in, e.g. because they don't contain any features.

> writeFeatures
Writing features from src/main/resources/feature to ~/code/test-project/target/featurehtml
Written html for feature files to ~/code/test-project/target/featurehtml


This plugin is licenced under the AGPL v3


Contributions are welcome. Please create a fork and submit pull requests.