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Rapture Core/Scalaz

The Rapture Core/Scalaz project provides integration between Rapture Core and Scalaz 7. So far this consists only of two additional return-type strategies:

  • A validation return-type strategy for returning Scalaz Validations
  • A task return-type strategy, for returning Scalaz Tasks


Building from source

To build Rapture Core Scalaz from source, follow these steps:

git clone
cd rapture-core-scalaz
sbt package

If the compilation is successful, the compiled JAR file should be found in target/scala-2.10

Return-Type Strategies

By importing scalazStrategy.returnValidation, every fallible method will return a result of type Validation[E, T].

> import scalazStrategy.returnValidation
> Json.parse("{}")
res: Validation[ParseException, Json] = {}

If using the standard strategy.explicit you can get a Validation by calling .valid on the unexpanded result.

> import strategy.explicit
> Json.parse("{}").valid
res: Validation[ParseException, Json] = {}

Alternatively, by importing scalazStrategy.returnTasks, and providing a valid implicit ExecutorService, every fallible method in Rapture will return a Scalaz Task.

> import scalazStrategy.returnTasks
> implicit val exec = scalaz.concurrent.Strategy.DefaultExecutorService
> Json.parse("{}")
res: Task[Json] = Task@7961b5f3

You can call .task on an unexpanded result when using strategy.explicit to get the same effect.

See for more information on Rapture Core return-type strategies.