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Easy calculation of cryptographic digests

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Gastronomy is a simple library to provide cryptographic digests of Scala objects through a simple functional API, and present them in different encoded forms.


  • hashing of simple and primitive Scala types
  • generically-derived digests for all case class and sealed trait types
  • supports SHA-256, SHA-1 and MD5 hash algorithms
  • encodes into Hex or BASE-64, or BASE-64 (URL) encodings

Getting Started



Gastronomy is classified as maturescent. Propensive defines the following five stability levels for open-source projects:

  • embryonic: for experimental or demonstrative purposes only, without guarantee of longevity
  • fledgling: of proven utility, seeking contributions, but liable to significant redesigns
  • maturescent: major design decisions broady settled, seeking probatory adoption and refinement of designs
  • dependable: production-ready, subject to controlled ongoing maintenance and enhancement; tagged as version 1.0 or later
  • adamantine: proven, reliable and production-ready, with no further breaking changes ever anticipated


Gastronomy’s source is available on GitHub, and may be built with Fury by cloning the layer propensive/gastronomy.

fury layer clone -i propensive/gastronomy

or imported into an existing layer with,

fury layer import -i propensive/gastronomy

A binary will be made available on Maven Central.


Contributors to Gastronomy are welcome and encouraged. New contributors may like to look for issues marked label: good first issue.

We suggest that all contributors read the Contributing Guide to make the process of contributing to Gastronomy easier.

Please do not contact project maintainers privately with questions, as other users cannot then benefit from the answers.


Gastronomy was designed and developed by Jon Pretty, and commercial support and training is available from Propensive OÜ.


Gastronomy is copyright © 2018-20 Jon Pretty & Propensive OÜ, and is made available under the Apache 2.0 License.