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Plugin for managing settings needed for SBT publish


SBT Publish Settings Plugin

Plugin for managing settings needed for SBT publish.

It can be very cumbersome to configure a build.sbt file properly if one wishes to publish the artifact to some repository (e.g. Nexus, Artifactory).
This plugin provides help for that configuration.


In order to be able to publish to any repository it generally requires you to provide credentials to that repository.
Traditionally sbt uses the ~/.ivy2/.credentials file for that.
It however requires some manual setup in the build.sbt file.
Also the utilities provided out-of-the-box only support one single domain in the .credentials file.

The example below is a fully working .credentials file with multiple domains.

#Local Nexus installation
realm=Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager

#Local Artifactory installation
realm=Artifactory Realm

#Maven Central
realm=Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager

Add these lines to your build.sbt file to automatically read ~/.ivy2/.credentials file and add it to your build.

import org.dmonix.sbt.CredentialsSettings._
credentials ++= publishCredentials

Publish to Maven central

If you're like me and publish artifacts to Maven Central then you might want to use the MavenCentralSettings utility to automatically configure the URLs where to publish your binaries.
Adding this to your build.sbt file will automatically configure the publish path.
In fact it takes into account if it's a -snapshot or fixed version release. you want to publish.
Snapshot ->
Non-snapshot ->

import org.dmonix.sbt.MavenCentralSettings._
publishTo <<= version {publishURL(_)}

Refer to the above .credentials file for an example on how the credentials for Maven Central realm are configured.

Live Example

Check out the build.sbt for this project to see the usage of the plugin.

Installing the plugin

Simply add this to the plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("org.dmonix.sbt" % "sbt-publish-settings-plugin" % "0.5")