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Interplay - Play Build plugins

Interplay is a set of sbt plugins for Play builds, sharing common configuration between Play builds so that they can be configured in one place.

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Ensure you're using sbt 0.13.15, by setting sbt.version in project/

Add the interplay plugin to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("" % "interplay" % sys.props.get("interplay.version").getOrElse("2.1.2"))

By allowing the version to be overridden using system properties, this means the Play nightly builds can override it to use the latest version.

Now which plugins you enable and what configuration you set depends on the structure of your build. In all cases, you should set playBuildRepoName in ThisBuild to be the name of the GitHub repository in the playframework organisation that the project lives in.

Play libraries

If your project is a simple library that gets used in a Play application then enable the PlayLibrary plugin on it.

SBT plugins

If your project is an sbt plugin, then enable the PlaySbtPlugin plugin on it. In addition to this, on the root project, you should also configure the scripted task as an extra test, for example:

lazy val `my-sbt-plugin` := project in file(".")

playBuildExtraTests := {
  (scripted in `my-sbt-plugin`).toTask("").value

SBT libraries

If your project is not an sbt plugin, but does get used by sbt, then enable the PlaySbtLibrary plugin on it.

The root project

If your root project is also a Play library or SBT Plugin, then you should enable the PlayReleaseBase plugin in addition to the other plugin.

If you have a root project that is just a meta project that aggregates all your projects together, but itself shouldn't be published, then enable the PlayRootProject plugin on it.

Aggregating projects

In general, your root project should aggregate all the projects you want to publish. If it aggregates projects that you don't want to publish, you can make them not published by enabling the PlayNoPublish plugin.

In some cases, it's not possible to aggregate all the projects you want to publish, for example, if your project contains both sbt plugins and Play libraries, aggregating the sbt plugins would cause problems with cross building because sbt plugins don't get cross built. In this case, you need to manually aggregate the publishSigned task, by adding it to playBuildExtraPublish:

playBuildExtraPublish := {
  (publishSigned in `my-sbt-plugin`).value

Play docs

If your project includes documentation that you want included in the main Play documentation, you can allow this by adding the Playdoc plugin to it. In that case you also will need to configure the playdocDirectory to point to the documentation directory.