planet42 / laika

Text Markup Transformer for sbt and Scala applications, transforming Markdown and reStructuredText to HTML, EPUB and PDF

Version Matrix


Toolkit for transforming lightweight text markup and template based site and e-book generation.

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Latest Release

The latest release is version 0.17.0.

It is published to Maven Central for Scala 2.13, 2.12 and Scala.js 1.0.

The sbt plugin is published to the sbt plugin repository for sbt 1.x.

The last release supporting Scala 2.11 had been 0.10.0, the last release for Scala 2.10 and sbt 0.13 was 0.7.0.

Open Source under the Apache 2.0 License.


  • No External Tools

    Easy setup without any external tools or languages and only minimal library dependencies.

  • Flexible Runtime

    Laika can be used as an sbt plugin, as a Scala library for the JVM or in the browser via Scala.js.

  • Purely Functional

    Fully referentially transparent, no exceptions or runtime reflection and integration with cats-effect for polymorphic effect handling.

  • Rich Feature Set

    Markdown and reStructuredText as input, HTML, EPUB and PDF as output, integrated syntax highlighting, link validation, auto-generated navigation, versioned documentation, and much more.

  • Lightweight Theme

    The default Helium theme includes only a minimal amount of handcrafted CSS and JS, no Bootstrap, no frameworks.

  • Highly Extensible

    Process the document AST, adjust rendering for individual AST nodes or extend text markup languages with custom directives.

Further Information

  • Read the Manual.

  • Try out Laika with the Demo App.

  • Browse the API.

  • Follow on Twitter for release announcements.

  • Create Issues here on GitHub for bug reports or enhancement requests.

  • Ask questions on Stackoverflow, tagging with Laika and Scala.