Bagging Estimator for Apache Spark

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Repository of an implementation of the Bagging Meta-Estimator à la SKLearn for Apache Spark ML

How to use

val data ="header", "true").option("inferSchema", "true").csv("src/test/resources/data/bostonhousing/train.csv")

val vectorAssembler = new VectorAssembler().setInputCols(train.columns.filter(x => !x.equals("ID") && !x.equals("medv")))).setOutputCol("features")

val baseRegressor = new DecisionTreeRegressor()
val baggingRegressor = new BaggingRegressor().setBaseLearner(baseRegressor).setFeaturesCol("features").setLabelCol("medv").setMaxIter(100).setParallelism(4)

val formatted = vectorAssembler.transform(data)
val Array(train, validation) = formatted.randomSplit(Array(0.7, 0.3))

val brModel =


val brPredicted = brModel.transform(validation)

val re = new RegressionEvaluator().setLabelCol("medv").setMetricName("rmse")

Built With

  • Scala - Programming Language
  • Spark - Big Data Framework
  • SBT - Build Tool


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This project is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details