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Scala Threadpools


This library contains some threadpool factories that will also automatically record metrics via metrics-api.


This library is published to PagerDuty Bintray OSS Maven repository:

resolvers += "bintray-pagerduty-oss-maven" at ""

Adding the dependency to your SBT build file:

libraryDependencies += "com.pagerduty" %% "pd-threadpools" % VersionString


This library is primarily maintained by the Core Team at PagerDuty.


Contributions are welcome in the form of pull-requests based on the master branch.

We ask that your changes are consistently formatted as the rest of the code in this repository, and also that any changes are covered by unit tests.


Follow these steps to release a new version:

  • Update version.sbt in your PR
  • When the PR is approved, merge it to master, and delete the branch
  • Travis will run all tests, publish artifacts to Bintray, and create a new version tag in Github