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A metrics API and default implementation for Scala

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Metrics library

This library contains a metrics API and a default implementation (sending metrics to Dogstatsd). The API is the only dependency that other PagerDuty library projects will use, so that people can wrap their own libraries and use that.

Also, it's probably time for a generic metrics API to do to metrics what SLF4J's API did for logging. For now, this API does not aspire to be it - it's very Dogstatsd-oriented, because that's what we use, but we didn't want people using our libraries to get locked in.


  • metrics-api is the generic API artifact
  • metrics-dogstatsd is the DataDog implementation of the API
  • metrics-gauge provides GaugeReporter, a class which samples Gauges and reports the result. It also provides JvmGauges, and object which can add gauges for JVM stats to a given GaugeReporter.


  • This set of libraries is published to PagerDuty Bintray OSS Maven repository. Add it to your resolvers (PD developers can skip this step):
resolvers += "bintray-pagerduty-oss-maven" at ""
  • Libraries, especially open-source ones, should use the generic API artifact:
libraryDependencies += "com.pagerduty" %% "metrics-api" % VersionString
  • Applications should depend on a specific implementation (e.g. for DataDog):
libraryDependencies += "com.pagerduty" %% "metrics-dogstatsd" % VersionString


Copyright 2016, PagerDuty, Inc.

This work is licensed under the Apache Software License.


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Follow these steps to release a new version:

  • Update version.sbt in your PR
  • When the PR is approved, merge it to master, and delete the branch
  • Travis will run all tests, publish to Artifactory, and create a new version tag in Github