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  • Use a simple editor with a web browser to request any RDF resource
  • display rich information on the web page or console
  • offers building blocks system with atomic element to ease query construction

further information and documentation, visit

Html/Js example

Html import

<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> 
      let config = SWDiscoveryConfiguration.setConfigString(`
          "sources" : [{
          "id"  : "peakforest",
          "url" : ""
        let r = SWDiscovery(config)
                        .console() // display information on the console
                        .helper("metabo") // display information on the web page and propose new building block.
        r.commit().raw().then((response) => {
          for (let i=0;i<response.results.bindings.length;i++) {
            let m1 =response.results.bindings[i]["m1"].value;
            let m2 =response.results.bindings[i]["m2"].value;
            /* decorations/datatype properties management */ 
            let label1=response.results.datatypes["label1"][m1][0].value; // all studies with all languages, here we take the first one arbitrarily.
            let label2=response.results.datatypes["label2"][m2][0].value;
            let b1 =response.results.bindings[i]["block1"].value;
            let b2 =response.results.bindings[i]["block2"].value;

            console.log(label1 + "-" + label2 + " block1:"+b1 + " block2:"+b2 );

        }).catch( (error) => {
          console.error(" -- catch exception --")
        } );


js fiddle example

Import discovery with SBT

libraryDependencies += "com.github.p2m2" %%% "discovery" % "0.2.0"