osinka / play-toggles   2.0.0


Feature toggles for Play Framework. Simple

Scala versions: 2.11

Feature Toggles, aka. Features, Toggles, Flags, etc.

Why another library?

  • Very short & simple
  • Compatible with its PHP counterpart: php-toggles


  • Calculates strategies only once per browser session and then caches the result in a session cookie
  • Gradual rollout strategy does not depend on user ID per se. Instead, it may be given any user-related textual ID.
  • Whitelist and Blacklist depend on the same user ID.
  • Provides AnonymousOn (enables a feature for anonymous users) and AnonymousOff (disables a feature for anonymous users)



import com.osinka.play.toggles._

object Toggles extends ToggleRegistry {
  private val authReqPf: PartialFunction[RequestHeader,String] = {
    case ar: AuthenticatedRequest[_, _] => ar.user.toString

  private object UserStrategies extends UserStrategies(authReqPf.lift)

  val socialBlock = toggle("socialBlock")(
  val testedAndOn = toggle("testedAndOn")(
  val inDevelopment = toggle("inDevelopment")(

You would need to bind ToggleRegistry to Toggles implementation:

class Module extends AbstractModule {
  def configure(): Unit = {

In conf/application.conf:

toggles {
  socialBlock {
    whitelist = ["123456", "98765"]
  testedAndOn.enabled = true
  inDevelopment.enabled = false

Strategies will be calculated only if enabled is not defined in the configuration. The order of checks is as follows:

  1. if the feature is enabled in the configuration, it is active
  2. if the feature is in a session cookie, it is active
  3. if the feature is disabled in the configuration, it is active
  4. then the strategies get checked one by one. The first that gives a definite result wins.

In order to check the toggles, either a filter should be used:

object Filter @Inject() (toggles: ToggleFilter) extends DefaultHttpFilters(toggles)

or wrap specific actions into ToggleAction(Toggles)

Then check the toggle anywhere (depends on implicit requestHeader):

if (Toggles.socialBlock.active) {