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A library for accessing Couchbase in Scala

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This is a library for accessing Couchbase in Scala.


couchbase-scala is published to maven center

  1. using typesafe config file application.conf to config couchbase connection url, buckets, timeout,..
# see class com.couchbase.client.java.env.DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment
com.couchbase.timeout {
com.sandinh.couchbase {
  connectionString = "couchbase://dev.sandinh.com"
  buckets {
    # syntax: bucketName.password=".."
    # we will use CBCluster.openBucket(bucketName) to retrieve a ScalaBucket object
    # we can also use the following verbose syntax to customize the real bucket name when connect to couchbase server
    bk1 {
      name = fodi
  1. load the config, instantiate a CBCluster instance, then open a bucket
val config = ConfigFactory.load()
val cluster = new CBCluster(config);
val accBucket = cluster.openBucket("acc");

Or, you can use DI (example google guice):

class CBModule extends AbstractModule {
  override def configure(): Unit = {

class MyClient @Inject() (cluster: CBCluster) {
  val accBucket = cluster.openBucket("acc");
  1. access couchbase using ScalaBucket's api
val s = accBucket.get[StringDocument]("some_key").map(_.content)
val s = accBucket.getT[String]("some_key")
val s = accBucket.getOrElseT("some_key")("default value")
//see other methods (insert, replace, remove, touch, counter, append, unlock, getFromReplica, getAndLock,..)
//from ScalaBucket class
  1. you can use play-json to retrieve a JsValue directly
case class Acc(name: String, gender: Option[Boolean])
object Acc { implicit val fmt = Json.format[Acc] }
val name = accBucket.getJsT[Acc]("some_key").map(_.name)


see CHANGES.md

Dev guide

  • prepare couchbase for testing
docker run -d --name cb -p 8091-8094:8091-8094 -p 11210:11210 couchbase:5.0.1
docker cp cb-test-prepare.sh cb:/tmp
docker exec -i cb /tmp/cb-test-prepare.sh

or, if you have prepared before => only run docker start cb


publish checklist

  • should add unit test
  • should change [[build.sbt]] / version after publishing
  • MUST change [[build.sbt]] / version when your commit introduce a new break change (increase the minor number)
  • MUST tag the publishing git commit
  • MUST push to github (push tag too)
  • MUST run sbt clean +test (+test to test against all crossScalaVersions in [[build.sbt]])
  • if you publish from sbtshell in IDEA or from an already running sbt shell then MUST run the following tasks:
  • MUST update [CHANGES.md]!

  • after that, publish by:



This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

Copyright 2014-2019 Sân Đình (https://sandinh.com)