ofrasergreen / logstruck

Simple pluggable logging library for Scala

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def meaningOfLife(logger: Logger) = {
  log.info("Answer calculated.", result, duration)

One might normally have done something like log.info(s"Answer calculated in $duration: $result")? Because if you have a lot of logs and you're using a more powerful logging backend than a file and grep then you


Configuration is done in code.

Top-level fields pass in at initialization e.g.

val log = new Logger(params=Map("service" -> "myService"))


Default output:

  • message
  • context - e.g. aW52.br13.chVc
  • data
    • other
    • ...
  • logLevel
  • source
    • file
    • line
    • class



Text (stdout/err or file)

HTTP Manager

Listen on port xyz for configuration messages e.g. to change log-level

Other points

  • not compatible with SL4J


  • place filters inside output